Standing up for People, not Corporate Lobbyists

For the PeopleI think we’ve all had enough of government that represents special interests, not the people. During my time in office I sought to represent the interests of the entire community. My opponent can be relied on to always represent the corporate interests; they deserve a voice too, but a voting record should reflect independence not sole allegiance to a particular group. In his 16 years in the legislature he’s gotten to know corporate lobbyists and donors too well and his record reflects that. We’ve seen it on issue after issue whether it be oil trains, toxic chemicals or corporate tax loopholes.

I am running to end gridlock in Olympia and to restore a productive, working, majority in the State Senate. I believe the fundamental job of good government is to make substantial progress in resolving problems of public concern. I have always been accessible to my constituents and make time for everyone. I’d like to take what I have learned to Olympia as your next Senator. I’d appreciate your vote.

Job Security: Made in Washington

Job SecurityBecause he was a child of the Great Depression, my father instilled in me the importance of a strong work ethic. I embraced this as I started my business here in Whatcom County and when I was on the Whatcom County Council.

This penchant for hard work has always been with me. If I wasn’t working, I heard about it and Olympia should do the same. We need common sense solutions instead of just saying “no” to bills that would create jobs and help businesses.

This starts by passing a transportation package, something the Senate Republicans have blocked for the last two years. This gridlock cost Whatcom County good jobs this year in road building and bridge repair, to mention nothing of the multiplier effect it would have in our greater local economy. We must invest in our failing roads and bridges to not only bring back family-wage jobs, but to keep goods moving. Unlike my opponent, I will talk with both sides to find pragmatic solutions for Whatcom County and Washington State.

I will work to ensure that our local and small businesses can continue to operate without harmful regulations stopping them. As a small business owner myself, I understand the realities of operating a business in Whatcom County. We need to have a “Made in Washington” law to give preference to local businesses for state contracts — our tax dollars need to create jobs here, not in another state or country.

Education & Opportunities for Our Kids

Education & OpportunityLeaders in Olympia right now are failing our constitutional duty to support education.

We must improve our public education system. Washington has some of the most overcrowded classrooms and unaffordable college tuition in our country. My opponent supported budget gimmicks, borrowing debt, and one-time fixes that led to the state being sued for contempt for underfunding education. His present plan is to fund education by cutting programs that vulnerable students need to learn.

When elected, I will work for permanent solutions that will benefit all our children and educators. I’d start with closing outdated corporate tax loopholes for big oil companies that would have raised millions to expand all-day kindergarten and reduce class sizes.

My opponent has had his chance to improve our children’s education. Instead in 2009 he voted against a bill that would have provided all-day kindergarten for all students, smaller class sizes for grades K through 3rd, the textbooks and technology expenses that schools need, transporting students to and from school and other key elements of a basic education. We can’t afford this trend. Our children and educators deserve better.

Protecting our Environment

EnvironmentWhatcom County’s most valuable resource is our environment. From Mt. Baker to Birch Bay to our farms and forests and our entry way to the beautiful San Juan Islands, we have a beautiful county that needs to be protected.

We have to preserve our clean water, both quantity and quality, if we want to protect the freedom to farm in Whatcom County. I am proud of my record preserving farmland, avoiding sprawl and protecting Lake Whatcom. We need someone with this track record in Olympia who has worked with Whatcom farmers for years and understands their needs. I would work with all parties to find solutions, rather than just keep talking about the problems.

My opponent has one of the worst voting records in the state – 4% – on environmental issues. The legislature has failed to pass common sense legislation, like the Toxic-Free Toys Act, which would ban cancer causing chemicals from children’s products. I would not let politics get in the way of protecting our children.

Protecting Freedom. Equality for Everyone

Freedom & EqualityI am a champion of personal freedoms. I believe government should stay out of our private lives. I support equal pay for woman and am pro-choice. I believe responsible people have the right to own guns. I will oppose a state income tax because two thirds of the people in the 42nd District have voiced their opposition to it.

It’s common sense that anyone should be able to receive the appropriate medical care recommended by their doctor. Unlike my opponent, I believe a woman has a right to make her own reproductive decisions. Washington should be leaders of equal rights for women. As with equality in healthcare for women, I advocate that everyone should earn the same pay for the same work. I’m tired of seeing women earn less for doing the same jobs as anyone else.